• *"On a couple of early recordings I sound totally different, like an American, but I feel much more comfortable with my Sheffield accent. It's natural, it's how I sound, and I wouldn't go back." - Alex on his early singing voice.

  • *"It was Cook who came up with the idea of a band called Arctic Monkeys, in what Turner terms 'a biblical revelation.'" - One of the many tales as to how they got their band name.

  • *"It's a bit shit," Turner says apologetically. "The words are rubbish. I scraped the bottom of the barrel. It could be a big song, like. But I'd hate to be just known for that song because it's a bit..crap." - Alex on their "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" single.

  • *"We wouldn't have got an asbo, maybe borderline asbo. You might hang around with people who break into houses but it doesn't mean you do." - Matt on the band being "pretty tame" guys.

  • *"I'd have took over the world, I think." - Andy contemplating on his job options prior to the Arctic Monkeys.

  • *"We'll get the child star curse. I'll get to 25 - boom! Everyone always sells more when they shoot theirself." - Jamie on the band's age.

  • *"When you want it and you get obsessive, you mould yourself to be whatever they want you to be. I think because we weren't obsessive about it we've got a bit more bollocks." - Alex on the band's attitude.

  • *"If it were a scummy shop I’d buy a bomb bag. You don’t know what a bomb bag is? You stand on them and they explode. It’s water with some kind of chemical in it." - Matt on god knows what haha.
  • *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

    Ich bin total begeister von den Jungs!

    Das Album ist klasse!


    Ist das nicht übel? <3

    15.1.07 13:16

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